Roasted potatoes with bacon, onion and melted cheddar cheese

Oh Hey, another potato recipe for yous!

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

So grab desired amount of red Yukon potatoes and wash them and place them on a paper towel

Cut potatoes in half

and place in an oven safe pan (I used my cast iron skillet, imagine that) skin side down

Do this with all potatoes, until pan is nice and full


then sprinkle garlic salt and black pepper over potatoes, to taste


Place in preheated oven for 15 minutes…

While the potatoes are cooking

take 8 slices of bacon, then take 2 strips at a time and cut in half

then cut each half in half-length wise

then chop up in cube size pieces



then chop up, small dice, one medium, yellow onion


once its been 15 minutes pull potatoes out and sprinkle the chopped bacon evenly over the top of the potatoes



cook potatoes with bacon on top for about 10 minutes, then add chopped onions

bake for about 15 minutes

then turn/flip  potatoes and poke them with a fork to make sure they are soft and done

if not tender, cook for another 10 to 15 minutes

Then pull out of oven and sprinkle some shredded/grated extra sharp cheddar cheese over
the potatoes, just the amount that looks good to you, I didn’t measure…

I placed some foil over the potatoes to help melt the cheese, left the foil over the top for about 7 minutes then took it off to let the potatoes cool a little more before serving

Serve with Sour cream, or ranch dressing on top

I was aiming for like a potatoes skin concoction…

Red Yukon Roasted Potatoes with Onion, and Peppers

Here you go,  another Potato Recipe!  WOO HOO! I know you are as excited as I am!

So this recipe is a lot like another recipe I made which is here

But the recipe I am about to post has  three kinds of peppers, instead of just one, so I wanted to share it with you, even though it’s a lot like that other recipe, but not really…

So when I made this I was still using the huge bag of Red Yukon Potatoes I got from Costco. The never-ending bag of potatoes, Yeah that bag.

so grab desired amount of potatoes and wash them and chop them up, into bite size pieces and place them in a big bowl and drizzle olive oil on them and stir to make sure each potato is coated with oil

Then Preheat your oven to 425 degrees

While your oven is preheating add garlic salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste, to the potatoes


then chop up one yellow onion (you could use red, or white too) add that to the potatoes

mix everything together

then add in one chopped, green bell pepper

Mix everything together and pour into a large cast iron skillet, or an oven safe skillet
Then add in one sliced Jalapeno and one sliced Red Fresno chili pepper (I placed mine out over the potatoes so it would make my picture look pretty)


bake everything for about 45 minutes to an hour, or until fork tender flipping everything a few times.

then pull the potatoes out of the oven and let them cool for about 12 minutes then serve

and then the next morning I had those same potatoes left over so I threw them back in the cast iron skillet and sauteed them on med heat for about 10-12 minutes and then I scrambled a few eggs. Served the potatoes with eggs on top with some hot sauce and a side of coffee and there you have it! a side dish for dinner and for breakfast the next day.


The Potato Post!

So if you read my blog on a regular basis, you know some stuff about me…and you know that I LOVE potatoes! LOVE! Normy prefers rice and I prefer potatoes. (and I think I’ve said that before on my blog). When I cook, I like to do a protein, a starch and a veggie or salad (a green as I call it).  I tell Normy all the time: You need your GREENS!

So when choosing a starch, I lean more towards potatoes. Red, Yukon, Russet, Sweet Potatoes (I need to eat more of those). So I thought I would do a post with potatoes!

We will start with a recipe I got from an old co-worker Vern. We went to his house for a BBQ and I was introduced to these potatoes and they were AMAZING! So I HAD to get the recipe and I did and I made these babies and you should too!
Cheesey Potatoes
Cheesy potatoes

I need to make them again with step by step pictures!

This is a good one, It’s a dip, but I made homemade potato chips to go with this dip. Homemade potato chips yummmmy. Makes me want to make some right now!

Bacon onion dip with homemade potato chips

homemade Potato chips with Bacon, Onion Dip

I LOVE Au Gratin Potatoes. They remind me of growing up. My mom used to make ham and potatoes. So this dish reminded me of that. I thought about adding ham. I should next time!

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes


I wanted to post these because they are easy and yummy and different. I am all about different! I like to make new and different things!

Potato Cups in muffin tins

and look at the little dabs of butter on top! You know they are good!

These are fun!

Rosemary Garlic Hasselback Potatoes

I’ll post this recipe cause I made it last year for 4th of July and that was this past Wednesday. So I felt it was appropriate.

Bacon, Ranch Potato Salad



I’ll post this one, cause well I LOVE dill!
Dill Mashed Potatoes

Mt. Dill Mashed Potatoes


Gotta Post these cause they are Pioneer Woman! Crash Hot Potatoes


Gotta post these because they have BACON!

Potatoes al la Amy

Look at the bacon GOODNESS!


These are just LOVE! (if you notice a lot of my potato recipes have bacon and they seem to be my favorite ones).

Pioneer Woman’s twice baked potatoes



This is a long post. and it’s one of the hardest dishes I make, but the best dish! And you add potatoes to it.

Duchess Potatoes



I am posting this one because to me its pretty. I love all the fresh herbs! I think Fresh Herbs make everything better!

Roasted potatoes with fresh green herbs



These are one of the best potato recipes I have ever made! If you want a potato recipe that won’t disappoint, this is the ONE!

Restaurant style smashed potatoes



I love leaks!
Potato and Leek Rosti



If you want a good, hardy breakfast before a big hike, eat this!
Potatoes with bacon, onion, bell pepper topped with eggs, cheese and green onion Jamie Goodness



If you want something that is SO bad for you and is about 1 million calories, but OH SO good. MAKE these! These are so good, but this is the kind of dish you only make once a year!
Funeral Potatoes

(maybe they are called “Funeral Potatoes”  because they are so bad for you, that you may have a heart attach after you eat them from all the butter) HA!



Another Pioneer Woman Recipe (I love her).
Fluffy New Potatoes


These are yummy! I like the crunchiness the bread crumbs give these potatoes!
Oven Baked garlic Parmesan fries


This is by far my FAVORITE Breakfast (potato) dish, LOVE IT!
Farmers Casserole

and since I am doing an ode to potato post, why not do a NEW potato recipe! Brought to you by Jamie, Made by Jamie!

Let’s DO THIS!

So I bought this big bag of red Yukon potatoes from Costco, so I have been trying to use them up. 10 pound bag…

so take desired amount of potatoes you think you will need. We had Russ over the night I made these so I made more potatoes for the 3 of us.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees

Then wash the potatoes and place them on a paper towel
(I always start every potato recipe like this)


Chop up the potatoes and place them in a medium-sized bowl

Then dice up a yellow onion

add those to the bowl with the potatoes

then add vegetable oil to bowl, just eye ball it (As Rachael Ray would say)


Then add Garlic salt, to taste

and freshly ground black pepper


Then add seasoning salt, to taste


Then pour everything in cast iron skillet (any excuse to use my cast iron, I LOVES IT)

Place pan into the preheated oven

bake for about 45 minute flipping potatoes a couple of times

then add in one thinly sliced jalapeno (with seeds)

bake for another 15 minutes


then turn oven off, and pull pan out of oven and add in some grated/shredded Monterrey Jack cheese

and place a piece of foil or a lid over pan to cover for about 5 minutes to melt the cheese

they are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and the jalapeno gives them a nice kick!



Lemon, Basil roasted potatoes al la Jamie

I love to make my own potato creations. I don’t really follow a recipe when it comes to making potatoes. I just go with it. Get some potatoes and use what I have in my fridge to go with them, and that’s exactly what I did with this recipe.

So on our little balcony we have flowers and herbs. We have Dill, and Basil so Normy told me that he needed to cut the basil back cause it was starting to bud, so he asked if I could use it, so I said why not. So then I looked online and just looked up lemon, basil potatoes and looked at a few different recipes and then decided to go my own way and this is what I came up with….

1st things 1st, preheat oven to 425 degrees

So get some potatoes (I used red Yukon)

pull out desired amount of potatoes out of bag and wash and dry on paper towels

Then cut potatoes in half length wise, like so

and then cut the halves in half like so

do this with all the potatoes you washed and place them all in a medium-sized bowl

Then cut a lemon in half and use the juice of one lemon

Then add garlic salt, to taste


Place a well oiled cast iron skillet in the oven for 10 minutes by its self.

Let it get nice and hot

Then throw the potatoes in


Close oven and bake potatoes for a total of 35-45 minutes, turning a couple of times in between

While they are baking away get your basil ready, First smell it, then take a picture of it

see the big leaf

then rinse the leaves and lay them on a paper towel to dry



So then, before taking the potatoes out of the oven sprinkle, Lemon Pepper seasoning and Pepper on them, to taste

and bake another 5 minutes

Then pull the pan out of the oven and poke the potatoes with a fork, to make sure they are done (fork tender) then set aside to cool for a few minutes before serving.

While you are letting the potatoes cool, stack basil leaves, roll them tightly, cut across to make pretty ribbons, also known as Chiffonade

Then sprinkle the basil leaves over the potatoes



and there you have it lemon, basil roasted potatoes al la JAMIE!

Roasted Potatoes with Panko, Green Onions and Dill

1 year ago: chilled calamari salad with lemon and parsley

Cheeseburger Macaroni

So I have a lot of people and things that inspire me in my world of cooking.

1st my hubby inspires me, he doesn’t have to do anything really to inspire me, but eat my food. But I am ALWAYS saying to him I wanna cook this and I want to make this and this looks good and I want to go to this store or to the farmer’s market…

I also have people like Lori, who is my #1 food blog fan. She found me through my blog, and she says that I inspire her! Well if I inspire someone, then that inspires me even more! It’s nice to inspire people! Makes you feel good and stuff!

Another person who inspires me (as you ALL KNOW) is The Pioneer Woman

I love her! I love all her pictures on her blog and all of her recipes. I like how she writes and how goofy she can be on her blog. I don’t think I have made a recipe of hers that I haven’t liked! She makes yummy recipes that I feel most anyone would like!

Something else that inspires me is when people make my recipes like for example Dave, who found me through my Flickr account…He finds recipes on my blog and then makes them.

Like this picture, I did NOT take it, Dave did! He got the inspiration from my blog.
Salmon Marinade

He also made this:
Leftover Corn and Chipotle Pepper Salad?

Makes me happy when people make my recipes, but when they take pretty pictures of the recipe they make,  I love it even more and inspires me to make more recipes!  Inspires me to make more recipes in hopes they make my recipes too and even take pictures too!!!!!

Another person that inspires me is Lidia Bastianich. How can you not love her? She’s been around forever and she can cook!

and she cooks my 2nd favorite food, Italian!

When I went to Kansas City I wanted to eat at one of her Restaurants, but it was closed for Memorial Day holiday…


To prove I was there…
lidia bastianich

I have two of her cookbooks and her cooking is a little intimidating to me. But when I watch her show I just want to make all her recipes. They look SO good! I really  should make more of her recipes!

Another person who inspires me in Ina Garten also known as:

The Barefoot Contessa. I like her style of cooking. She always says use “good” olive oil, use “good” salt. Meaning Good Quality, and I totally agree with her. Shes a bit of a snob, as she should be. Living in the Hamptons. I like a lot of the foods she makes and her style, she doesn’t go on and on when cooking, she gets down to business and just does it! Only thing is she doesn’t like cilantro, so there are no recipes that she makes that call for it, and I LOVE cilantro!

I also LOVE Giada De Laurentiis.  She started with Every Day Italian on The Food Network and then she has a new show: Giada at Home and I like that show better. I like her style, because she makes some damn good food! She makes my one of FAVORITE salmon recipe that I ALWAYS make!

I like how neat she is, as in clean when she cooks. I don’t like how she describes everything though, that gets annoying to me, she likes to use her hands and rrrrreally gets into describing how something tastes or smells. Her food is light and fresh too. Overall I like her style…

So now that you know some of the people who inspire me, let’s get to the good stuff, the Recipe!

so I made this recipe up

Start by preheating your oven to 425 degrees

once the oven has been preheated place a cast iron skillet inside, get the skillet nice and hot and ready for when you are ready for it…

you will need one pound of Baby Red Potatoes

wash them and place them on a paper towel to dry

then slice them in half, like so

place them in a medium-sized bowl

and drizzle olive oil over them

then sprinkle garlic salt and freshly ground black pepper over the top, to taste

Then sprinkle on about 1/2 a cup of Panko break Crumbs

Stir all together

Then take your warmed cast iron skillet out of the oven and throw the potatoes in the pan, They should sizzle for you. Then place the skillet back in the oven and back the potatoes for about 15 minutes

once they have baked for 15 minutes then flip them and then bake another 15 minutes, or until fork tender. You could turn the heat up too as well to get them a little more crispy and brown…

So once the potatoes are done pull them out of the oven and then chop up some fresh dill and about 5 green onions and sprinkle them over the potatoes


and you may now…EAT!

Breakfast Potatoes with Onions, Jalapeno, Ham and Cheese

So when I was a youngin, I was a total tom boy. I don’t recall having many Baby dolls. I was playing with trucks in the dirt! I loved dirt and trucks! So just thought I would share this photo cause I likes it…

Then I discovered cooking!


Take one bag of Simply Potatoes – Diced with Onions, or plain if you would like


Heat a cast iron skillet, or regular skillet to med heat and coat the pan with olive oil and add potatoes, and salt and pepper

and Cook for 7 minutes and then flip

Should see a little brown-ness on the potatoes
Then add some Garlic Salt, to taste


Then grab a couple of jalapeno cut them in half, take the seeds out, or leave them in, then slice the halves thinly, and add to potatoes


Stir into potatoes

Then get some ham, why ham? Well I had this in my fridge and I wanted to use it before it went bad

Take 8 slices of the ham and lay them on top of each other

Then Chop ham up

Add the chopped ham to the potatoes

Stir ham in

Cook for about 7 minutes and then serve.

grate or shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese, about 1/2 a cup and set that aside

make some eggs, scrabbled, or sunny side up, or over easy.

Serve desired amount of potatoes onto a plate and then top with eggs and then grated cheese.

Breakfast is SERVED!


Jamie Hash Browns

Another made up Jamie Recipe! I love Jamie made up recipes they are the best ya know! A quality recipe that will make you want more!

So I LOVE hash browns! I think that Waffle House makes THE best Hash Browns (other than me of course). They are REAL potatoes and you can add onions and cheese and all sorts of goodness to  them.

So what you will need for these hash browns is a bag of simply potatoes hash browns (love these when I am not using real potatoes) I believe the bag is 2 pounds.

1/2 a green bell pepper, Chopped
1/2 a yellow onion, chopped

get a medium to medium large skillet and coat it with olive oil and heat to medium high heat, and then add in the chopped onions to the pan

then add in 2 tbsp of butter because butter makes everything taste better

once the butter has melted go ahead and add in the hash brown potatoes

then get some creole seasoning, or you could use garlic salt or Cajun seasoning.

sprinkle all over the hash browns, I was VERY generous with the creole seasoning as I LOOOOOVE IT!

Need a close up

stir the potatoes some and then add in some fresh cracked black pepper

cook for about 10-12 minutes, or until the hash browns get nice and brown and crunchy. Then add in the chopped green bell peppers you chopped up earlier

I add the peppers in last because I don’t cook them too long as I like them to still be a little crunchy.

Cook for about 5 minutes stirring and flipping. Then serve. You can add more Creole seasoning if you want and pepper too…FABULOUS!

Funeral Potatoes

I would have to say that this is probably the worst recipe for your health on my blog, why? Well this recipe is 1072.8 Calories and Sodium 2031.7 mg. So if you want something REALLY bad for you but tastes really good then make these! They are yummy! But isn’t that how it goes? If it tastes really good, then its really bad for you? Like Bacon, tastes SOOOOO good, But bad for you, and Butter MMMMM…You get the idea!


2 lbs hash browns

1/2 cup butter
2 (10 3/4 ounce) cans condensed cream of chicken soup


1 pint sour cream


1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup onion , chopped

1 tablespoon butter
2 cups cheese , grated, firmly packed


1 1/2 cups corn flakes , crushed
4 tablespoons butter , melted

Saute onion in 1 tablespoon butter until translucent.



Mix all ingredients, except corn flakes and 4 tablespoons butter, together.

Put potato mixture into a 9×13 inch baking pan.

Combine corn flakes and butter,

and sprinkle evenly over top of casserole.



Bake at 350 degrees F for 40-50 minutes or until heated and bubbly.





Fluffy New Potatoes


9 whole (to 10) Medium To Large New Potatoes

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1/2 cup Sour Cream
4 ounces, weight Cream Cheese, softened (I used the whole Block of cream cheese, the more the better)
1-1/2 cup Grated Monterey Jack Cheese
1 Tablespoon Chopped Chives
1 clove Garlic, Pressed
Salt And Pepper, to taste

Preheat over to 400 degrees.

Rinse and dry the potatoes then place them on a baking sheet. Drizzle the olive oil over the potatoes

and massage to coat.
(I also sprinkled Garlic Salt on the skins as well)

Bake for 35 to 40 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender. Set aside for 15 minutes.

Place the sour cream,


cream cheese,

Monterey Jack,




salt and pepper in a mixing bowl.


Cut each potato in half lengthwise. With a spoon or melon baller, scoop out inside of the potatoes,

leaving a very thin rim of potato inside the skin. Add the potato pulp to the mixing bowl with the other ingredients. Using a potato masher or fork, gently mash the ingredients together

until fluffy and smooth. Taste and adjust the seasoning – be sure to salt it adequately.

Spoon the mixture back into the potato shells.

At this point, you can flash freeze the potatoes if you want: Stick the pan in the freezer, uncovered, and allow them to harden on the outside for about 20 minutes or so. Then simply throw them into a couple of large Ziploc bags, seal them tightly, and freeze them until you need them.

When you’re ready, bake the potatoes in a 375 degree oven until thoroughly warmed through.

The potatoes will soften, “melt”, and fill the potato shells as they bake. Yum.

Potato Salad, & Dinner at Mom’s

So last Sunday my mom invited Normy and I over for dinner! YAY! My Brother was going to smoke some ribs with my dad’s smoker and my mom was going to make her cucumber, tomato salad (that I LOVE).  So I offered to make potato salad and then cupcakes for dessert…I ALWAYS offer to bring more than I should, But that is how I roll…

So for my potato salad I got a 5 pound bag of red potatoes. My brother is 6′ 5″ and he eats a lot. So I had to make a lot of salad for him.

Throw the potatoes in a big pot

and fill it with water, (make sure the pot is big enough so that all the potatoes fit and are submerged in the water).


Then place the pot on a burner and turn up to medium high heat

I added a little salt to the water as well.

I boiled the potatoes for about 30 minutes and I poked them with a fork and the bigger ones weren’t quite fork tender, so I boiled them for another 15 minutes…

Then while the potatoes were boiling I got the eggs boiling too.  I got a medium-sized pot and filled it with water and very gently placed 8 eggs in the pot and brought it to a boil and boiled for 25 minutes

Once the eggs are done, I drain them and then place them in a boil and fill it with cold water and place in the fridge. I have done this a few times and it seems to help when peeling them. The shells come off easier. So I leave them in the fridge for about an hour or so.

Once the potatoes are done, drain them and let them dry for a few and chop them up when you are able to handle them. Chop them into bite size pieces and plop them into a big bowl.

You could peel the skin off or leave it on the potatoes, I left it on. Chop all potatoes up.

Then you can start adding the veggies. dice up 2 stalks of celery

Then peel and dice up two carrots

Then dice up one large red/purple onion

Then peel the 8 eggs that you put in the fridge earlier

Chop those up and add them to the big bowl as well

Then add in salt and Pepper

then get another medium-sized bowl and to that you are going to add in Miracle Whip, about 2 cups. (My mom makes her potato salad with miracle whip and I do too, tastes better to me)

then add it about 2 tbsp of grainy mustard


Then add in some yellow mustard

I just went with it and did this all on taste

Then get a ranch packet and add that to the bowl as well



Mix everything together

Then add to the potatoes and veggies in the big bowl


and mix everything together really well

once everything is well incorporated, sprinkle a generous amount of paprika over the top

Looks and tastes SO good!

Then cover the bowl

and refrigerate it over night for best results.

Then the next day pack it up and bring it to mom’s house…

My bro likes to cook too. He came up with this concoction…

This has JAMIE written all over it, and he said he made it up with me in mind…

It has:
smoked BACON
red bell pepper
Worcestershire sauce
splash of balsamic vinegar
He knows his sis toooo well! (I had three helpings of this) I will be making this in the near future with steak!


John stirring his John concoction

Normy and My bro. John is 6′ 5″, one tall dude

My big bro

You know I had to get a picture of me and my bro

Then mom was making her cucumber salad. She makes hers like her mom and I LOVE the way my mom makes it:

Fill a bowl with white vinegar and a little sugar, and peeled and sliced cucumbers

then add onions

then add tomatoes

Stir together

add salt and black pepper


stir some more then set in fridge to let the flavors mingle. It’s better to do this salad the night before as well.

These two people met, fell in love and did it and made ME! They created perfection between the two of them! ME! hahahahaha

Mom’s Deviled eggs, I make mine the same way she makes hers!

smoked ribs and pork my bro smoked for us


my bro can EAT! Look at his plate! And he doesn’t gain a pound!

Mom’s cucumber salad

Jamie Potato Salad

Normy eating some smoked ribs!


What a great way to spend a sunday!