Smokies with BBQ Sauce and Football

Today Normy and I were invited to our friend James house for some football watching and stuffing your face, drinking beer, hangout with your friends fun! Actually It was dudes hanging out at James to watch football and hangout. I was the only girl. Eeeek talk about feeling out-of-place. Ah its ok, the guys were awesome, and didn’t make me feel like that at all!

Always nice to be invited over to someones house for some yummy food. I’m always doing the cooking, so it’s always nice to get invited to go somewhere else… James made some BOMB chilli and I am happy to say I ate beans and all! I am REALLY trying to get over this hating beans thing because they are so good for you! So I have discover Black Beans, and um I like them!! James put black beans in his chili and this is the 1ST time they weren’t picked out!

my 3 Favorite things to put on top of my chili:

Sour Cream


and Onions!

YUM! Sorry no Recipe for the Chili, James just said he threw a bunch of stuff in and there you go! I do know there is cilantro in it, cause he  told me and was all proud!

Normy made his Holy Cow Dip that I taught him how to make. So now I call it Normy’s Dip: Recipe

Best Dip ever. You can’t stop eating it!

Then I made Smokies with BBQ sauce. This will be the easiest recipe you will EVER have to make in your lifetime!

2 packages of Smokies

2-3 Cups BBQ sauce, I pour enough to cover smokies. (Of course I used homemade BBQ sauce) Recipe

Place smokies in crock pot on high heat and then pour BBQ sauce over them to coat all of the smokies, cook until heated through then turn down to low heat

Have some toothpicks on the side so people can dive in and poke a smokie and try its deliciousness!

James kitty Spot posses so nice for the camera, then he attached it after I was done taking his picture.

MMMMMMM James makes the best grilled Green Bell Peppers. I think he just adds garlic salt to them, but I LOVE Them!

The guys hanging out watching the game.

There was more beer than food in James fridge! lol Yep there are men here!

Not enough room in the fridge so you put beer in the Crisper!

Was a good time! I ate so much! Thanks for having us over James!



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