To all my Blog fans, I am sorry to tell you that my camera has died…

Last night I did not have a good night…It started out good and then I cut my finger again…this time, I cut the nail off. Probably too much detail for you, but I am a visual person and I like details, I also like pictures and visual effects too, so I took some pictures for you so you could see my finger…
Damn Knife got my finger again!
and then because I hurt my finger I thought I had a hold of the camera and well I didn’t and I dropped it. (I cried) So because I dropped it, its last and final time, it no longer works…I am so upset with myself for dropping my camera, as I LOVE that camera. It is apart of me. I took pictures EVERY day with that camera and now I will not be able too….

I have an injured finger (might need stitches) and a broken camera…Not a good night! Chefs have battle scars, I have MANY! I can’t even count how many times I have cut myself!

So on a good note I have ordered me a new camera! I got me a D3000 camera!

I needed a new camera, I was due! So it will be here on Tuesday and I will need to learn how to use it. So until then I will be making dishes I have already made as I can’t take pictures at this time. I have my i phone, but come on, those pictures don’t even compare!

Sad to say goodbye to my old friend, but excited to have a new friend Mr. D3000!

Thanks old Camera you were very good to me, and I am sorry for dropping you and getting food on you, and dropping you on the burner. I will take better care of the next one…I filled up a 320GB hard drive with pictures from you, I’ve shot many amazing food pictures, family events and goofy times with Normy with you. I’m sorry I didn’t treat you better… I will miss you…and Thank you for all your hard work…signed Jamie

A very sad day for me…


2 thoughts on “Update…

  1. OMG!! not the camera! OMG!! not the finger! So sorry love, but happy to know that your finger will heal and that you have a new camera on the way. Will you bury this one in the back yard? Will there be a service? It will sencerely be missed. xoxo Heather

    1. I cried for 3 hours Heather and I layed in bed holding the camera saying I killed it! But it happened for a reason, so I could move on to bigger and better cameras! I am not throwing it away! I am saving it as I have taken so many pictures with it! this wasn’t the 1st time I dropped it either! Awww so glad to see a comment from you! Love you Friend! and Miss you!

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