Corn on the cob ~ Jamie Style!

I Believe I saw this quote at chick-fil-a, which makes me laugh as chick-fil-a is good, but it’s not great and I wouldn’t eat there unless it’s where someone else wanted to go, I wouldn’t go on my own, and that is the case and why we were here. So I saw this quote and took a picture. I do LOVE their sweet tea, now THAT is great!

This past week my friend James asked me to make him a cake for work for a cake walk to help support MS, so I said heck yes I will…He requested lemon flavor and he said just go with it. So I asked him what I was up against, what kind of cake makers were there in this cake walk and he said just normal peeps like me, and one girl who was pretty good. So THIS is what I came up with:

Pretty good! What do you think?
James said the cake made $126 to help support MS and it was the best cake at his cake walk. He said everyone was always crowded around it! So that is awesome and totally made my day!

So since there is a lot of YELLOW in this post with the Lemon cake I thought I would do a quick post of how I do my corn on the cob!
So some grill theres, I don’t! I like to boil it and a secret my friend James told me is add a little sugar to your water. So ever since he told me that I do it…So I wash it, put it in water, add about a tablespoon of sugar and boil for 15-20 minutes. THEN this is the best part! I cover that corn on the cob in butter and then sprinkle garlic salt
Garlic Salt (My fav)
and I add more as I eat as you can NOT have too much butter or garlic salt on corn on the cob! Not healthy for you at all, but OH SO GOOOOD!


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