Steak al la Jamie

Two words that I hear every day of my life from Normy: I’m Hungry! Well those two and a couple other’s but we can’t discuss that on here as I may offend someone. So we will just stick to food on here…I hear that every day, I’m Hungry. I’m Hungry. Hey tell me something I don’t know honey! Good thing I like to cook cause the man is always hungry! So when a man is Hungry you feed him MEAT!

I just made this up! I came home one night, tired and sore from the gym and I had to come up with something quick, so I came up with this steak…

It’s just Flat Iron Steak and you rub these three things on both sides.

Kosher Salt

Garlic Salt

McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning (Love this stuff)
I just did it by taste and I was very generous with the garlic salt and steak seasoning
Then preheat you grill on high and when its all hot and ready to go, slap that meat on the grill and grill 10-12 minutes depending how rare you want it.
Then let it sit for a few once its done cooking so all the juices get back in the steak and its not to hot to eat, Then slice away
and your hubby won’t say I’m hungry anymore for at least a couple hours. Until he’s hungry again!


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