Jamie’s Bacon, Ranch, Potato Salad

Well I am SO behind on posting a recipe from 4th of July considering it was LAST Weekend. Oh well better late than never eh! Well for the 4th Norman and I went to our friend James house. I mean James is a constant topic on my blog, so you all should know him by now! He’s one of our bestest friends. heck I think is our BFF lol You can’t help but love James as he is good peeps! So for the 4th James grilled and made homemade ice cream, and sun tea. He said he wanted to keep it simple. SO I was like simple…what is that? So I made a cake and potato salad for the BBQ.

Whenever anyone has Norman and me over I ALWAYS bring something. ALWAYS! I don’t think I ever come empty-handed. You don’t ever need to ask me to bring anything. Even if you tell me not too I will always bring something. I just can not, not bring something. It’s against everything I know!

So check out the cake I made for James and his BBQ

I even brought sparklers to put in the cake for the occasion! James and Norman handled that part
Hey look its James, The Grill Master:
James is also the Basil grower. I make pesto with his fabulous basil
I was so HUNGRY when we went over to James. I hadn’t eaten all day. So he had some potato chips and onion dip, I inhaled it
James is also the master of grilled Green bell peppers. I LOVE when he makes these. He salts and peppers them in the morning and sticks them in a zip lock bag and then adds garlic salt, before he grills them, which is MY fav (I add it to pretty much all my cooking)
James adds the same condiments as I do to my hot dogs when I make them at home. Chopped onions, Relish, sliced jalapeno, ketchup, and mustard…
NOW That’s a hot dog
Don’t forget the Potato salad
So I will tell the recipe for the potato salad I made…
I just made it up and I decided to call it, Jamie’s Bacon, Ranch Potato salad with Bacon, oh and it has bacon hahahahaha
So start with about a pound of bacon…I had extra bacon, so I went ahead and baked it with the rest for BLT’s I made for Normy and me the next day…
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Bacon…
well I LOOVE Bacon…
When I bake bacon, I bake it at 400 for about 15 -20 minutes, or until crisp, then I take it out and lay it on paper towels to drain the grease off, and then put it aside to cool, as you will chop it up later. I do take little samples of it while I am cooking and chopping other stuff.
While the bacon is baking get your some red potatoes, I used 2 small, 2 pound bags of the smaller red potatoes
these are my favorite potatoes to use. I only use red potatoes when making potato salad. So I wash my potatoes, no matter how I am making them. I Probably don’t need to since I am boiling them, but I just wash them as I am Jamie and I like things clean…
So then throw potatoes in a big pot and fill it up with some water
make sure you fill it so the potatoes are all covered in water
Put them on a burner and heat to medium high heat (I also salt the water and potatoes) and boil for about 30-35 minutes or until you can poke a fork through and they are tender.
Then get you a smaller sauce pan and boil 4 eggs for 15-20 minutes
So while you potatoes and eggs are boiling you can start by making the sauce for your potato salad
get you a ranch packet like this
and pour it into a medium-sized bowl
(This stuff is so bad for you, but I Love it)
Then add in a (1) Tablespoon of smoked Paprika, more if you love it like I do.
Then add in 1 tsp of dill weed and a tablespoon of garlic salt (cause I add it to everything) and salt and pepper to taste
then add in 1 cup of Miracle Whip (don’t hate on the Miracle Whip, my mom uses it in your potato salad and I do too)
and then add in 1/2 cup of may-o (I didn’t want any comments about there being no May-o in my potato salad so I added in 1/2 cup to make everyone happy)

Then add in 2 Tbsp of Dijon Mustard (Pardon me, but do you have any Grey poop-on)
then whisk it all together
taste it and adjust the seasonings as you like them to taste or maybe its just perfect the way I told you on here
Then take two stalks of celery wash them and Julienne them (You know in culinary school I got all A’s in knife skills)
then dice them
put them to the side
Then get you a yellow onion or red, whichever you prefer
I picked yellow
then chop that baby up too (watch the fingers)
So once the potatoes are done boiling and are fork tender when you poke them, drain them and let them cool a little

Then get you a big bowl so you can stir everything together, chop up the potatoes into bite size pieces and throw them into the big bowl



Then chop up the cooled bacon, you can do little pieces, big pieces whatever your hearts desire
add chopped bacon to potatoes
then add onions and celery

Then peel eggs and chop them up as well
add to bowl with bacon, onion, celery
then add sauce to the potatoes, bacon, onion, celery, eggs
Mix everything together with a big spoon, but do it gently as you can, so you don’t moosh the poatoes
Taste it, adjust seasoning if need to
I added a little more salt and pepper
and there you go. Then eat it with a hot dog and then wait until its dark and watch your friend James shoot off some fireworks
How about 1000 black cats at the same time!?
Make sure you are prepared incase there is a fire
And have a good night with friends
Happy 4th of July to all (a week later).


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