Pickled Jalapenos

So as you all know, I LOVE this website http://foodgawker.com/

I go there about 500 times a day! It’s great for idea’s for cooking dinner and finding cupcake recipes and food pictures. It’s the NEXT best thing to The Pioneer Woman!

So one day hard at work, I was on Food Gawker looking for recipes and I came across this Recipe

Thought it looked easy and I always have canning jars from making salsa. So I Had to make these!

10 jalapeños, washed
I even added in a few Serrano Chiles that James gave me from his garden
1 TB pickling spices or improvised blend
2 TB white sugar
1 – 2 cups white vinegar
Immerse jalapeños in strongly boiling water for three minutes.DSC_0231-1

Remove from water and allow to cool slightly on counter. When they have cooled enough to be manageable, slice about a cm thick.
Put spices in the bottom of a 500 ml Mason jar.

Pack jalapeños slices into jar.
Bring vinegar to a boil and pour enough over slices to cover.
Allow to cool on the counter for a couple of hours. As the jalapeños slices settle the vinegar may need to be topped up in order to keep them covered.





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