Grilled Onions

So I LOVE onions, especially grilled ones! I put them in everything I make (pretty much) Sometimes when I want a snack I will have Normy grill me up some onions. I love them! So Here is a recipe for grilled onions. You could use these to eat by themselves, or put them on a burger, or a grilled potato salad, with other grilled veggies. Heck anything you can put onions in really.

So you take an onion and peel it and slice it into rounds, Try and keep them together. Sometimes I put toothpicks in them to help hold them together.

Then I brush on olive oil on both sides and then add seasoning salt, or garlic salt, and pepper

Turn grill on to med high to high heat, not too high or the onions will burn, grill them turning as need so they turn a nice color like so…

let them cool for a few and remove toothpicks if you have them in, and eat away, or chop them up to add them to whatever you want…



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