Lemon Pepper Potatoes

I LOVE Lemon! I drink Lemon water EVERY DAY! I use so much lemon juice that my mother in law gets it for me in bulk from Sam’s! I bring a water bottle with me to work every day and it ALWAYS has LOTS of ice and LOTS of lemon. If I go anywhere I bring my lemon water with me. I get a lot of “crap” for bringing my water bottle with me. But I don’t care. I want my lemon water! After having it for so long, I don’t like regular water anymore. and why am I telling you a story about lemon? Well the recipe I am about to share with you is all about lemon!

Start by Preheating your oven to 375

Take 8-10 Yukon gold potatoes and wash then and then cut them in half and then in cubes. Add them to a bowl

Then take two lemons and cut them in half and juice the two lemons over potatoes

Then Add Lemon Pepper seasoning, Garlic Salt, and fresh ground pepper to potatoes


and drizzle a few Tbsp of olive oil over potatoes and mix together and then spread evenly on a sheet pan, with a piece of parchment paper to help the potatoes from sticking to the pan

Bake for 45- 60 minutes until fork tender, flipping and turning a couple of times, so potatoes get a little color on all sides.




Eat nice and warm

I served mine with a Tabasco, sour cream I made up literally while I was going to get some sour cream to eat with my potatoes. Just took about 1/2 cup of sour cream and a few dashes of tabasco and stirred together (add more if you like a lot of kick) and serve with potatoes. (You can’t go wrong with Tabasco, if you ask me).


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