Stacey Marie’s Banana Pudding

This post is for my Good Friend Stacey and my Blog Friend Lori!

So I found this cute picture online tonight:

and it made me think of my blog/facebook/foodie friend Lori! Cause she is from Louisiana! So I posted it on her facebook wall! That darn facebook!

So then she comes back with this picture:

and says to me:

JCR (Jamie Creek-Rodriguez) are you familiar with crawfish holes? They build these all over our yards down here. When we were kids, we’d tie a piece of bacon on a string, drop it down the hole and catch one!

And JCR…I’ve seen folks ride their riding mower around without the blades down..dragging a 4″x4″ board…to knock all the crawfish holes down before mowing!

I did NOT know this info Lori! So Thank You!

So then lori’s Friend says: Jamie, I think you’d love a good crawfish boil… Lori, in addition to corn and potatoes, I put mushrooms in mine… they soak up the seasoning and get really hot.. yumbola

Lori says: Jamie has another Cajun friend….she has been to a boil! I love shroom is mine….and artichokes!

Then I say: I never had Shrooms in mine but I have been to a boil. Stacey is having one next year, I can’t WAIT!

Then I say: Oh wait Stacey does add shrooms!

So then that led to me posting this picture for Lori:

and then this one:

So then it reminded me of my friend Stacey’s Crawfish Boils! She had one in 2009 and that was the 1st boil I ever went too and I made Banana Cream Pudding and I made Southern Style Green Beans  ICan’t believe I didn’t post the recipe for the Banana Pudding and I can’t believe I didn’t post more pictures when I did the Green Bean Recipe. So disappointed in my blogging skills in 2009! But I have come a long way! Stacey also had a boil in 2010. I’m sad that she didn’t have one in 2011, but hoping next year she will!

Look at that goodness!

I am sorry that I am just now posting these pictures! I should have posted them WAY SOONER! So many great Memories!
Look she’s a pro…


It’s like she’s done this before…

I couldn’t remember if Stacey used Mushrooms (cause she doesn’t like them)

But looky here she still added them:

Gotta have a sample and make sure it tastes good (of course it does cause Stacey made it)




This year I am going to ask Stacey Step by Step instructions so that I can post the recipe to my blog.

But until then I will just tease you with these pictures! Stacey likes them better cooked, not alive!

and Stacey’s Hubby, Brian has a pet


Normando getting some tail

a LOT of food at Stacey’s Boil! Next year I need to take pictures of each dish! (and you know I will)

OK Now let me give you the recipe for the Banana Pudding

I still have it on the sheet of paper that I wrote it on. Stacey instructions!

So if you can’t read that it says:

8 oz Cream Cheese
1 can condensed milk
1 large instant vanilla pudding
1 lg container cool whip (it’s against my religion to buy cool whip so I made homemade whipped cream)
vanilla wafers

here are the instructions:
Make pudding according to box – set aside
mix cream cheese and condensed milk
stir in pudding, fold in whipped cream & layer cookies bananas & pudding

I used a trifle dish for mine (Thanks Tara)




and there you have it!

I can’t wait till the next boil! (have I said that at ALL in this post)!?P1450175





Peace out YO


2 thoughts on “Stacey Marie’s Banana Pudding

  1. I am already looking forward to this year!!! I’ve got to start planning now!! Love me some nanner puddin! let’s see if i can use any more exclamation points!!!!! LOL!!

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