Jamie Pot Roast

So on November 27th we went over to our friends Katie and Timmy’s to Celebrate Miss Katie’s Birthday. Yes I know this post is late but you know what Better late than never eh!

I like going to Timmy and Katie’s, because

#1 they are good peeps

#2 there is ALWAYS Good food

#3 there is always alcohol

#4 they don’t mind if I take pictures of them.

The only thing is we go over there to watch football and football is lame to me. But the company is better so I can’t complain! So for Katie for her Birthday (which is really November 28th) I made her, her favorite cake, Red Velvet. So I gots to tell  you the mishap with the cake…I made one and well the batter was lame and it sunk, I hate trying to bake at high altitude. Makes it difficult sometimes! So I had to rebake her cake, it had to be perfect, I mean it was for Katie after all and she’s good peeps. So 2nd time is a charm. So trying to frost a red cake with white frosting = pain in the A$$! So I did like 5 crumb coats and it just didn’t work. So I got the piping bag out and did little stars all over…Timmy asked if I counted them all? HA! you are funny! I was up till 5 AM doing those stars buddy, that should tell you how many there are, A LOT!

So check out Katie’s expression when I gave her, her cake…

I should use that picture for marketing!

Jamie Cakes are SO good, it’ll make your mouth drop!


It is a pretty awesome cake! I would love it, if someone made me one like this…

Hey what can I say…


So Katie and Timmy had some other friends of theirs over as well, Chris and Ashley and Chris showed Katie how to make his bomb a$$ green chili

Whenever we are over, Katie likes to call her mom and harass her, it’s quite funny…
and her mom reads my blog! So she is A-OK in my book!

Anyone need a bowl for their Green Chili

Or a tortilla

Timmy says that when there are pictures of him on my blog my ratings go up so here is your Timmy Picture…

Katie couldn’t WAIT to dig into her cake



Cake I made Katie for her b-day

Red Velvet Cake I made with Cream Cheese Frosting

So what does Katie’s Birthday have to do with the recipe I am about to post?

Well Timmy was telling Normando what he was making for dinner the next night and I overheard him telling Normy about how he makes his pot roast and he said onion soup mix and cream of mushroom soup and I was like hmmmmm that sounds pretty good. So I asked Katie and she said it was the best pot roast she ever had. So I thought to myself, oh man I gotta make that…So I DID! But I made it my own and added some other stuff too…

So get you a pot roast, Normy and I get a 3-4 pound one.  Get your handy-dandy crock pot and turn it to low and put the roast in it and salt and pepper both sides and add garlic salt as well.DSC_0028-1

You need the following items:

add one packet of the onion soup mix and 2 cans of cream of Mushroom soup



then add water, I fill it till the water covers the roast completely. You want the whole roast and all completely submerged in liquid


I put my roast in at

so once you put the water in, put the lid on and forget about it for a while

around 2PM in the afternoon I added in 2 8oz packages of mushrooms. wash them 1st then add them to the roast.


then around 5PM I peeled some potatoes (6) and put those in and cooked them for a couple of hours

then turn the crock pot off and pull the meat out best you can, it will fall apart

then shred it and break it up into pieces and add to a bowl or plate with the shrooms and potatoes and I add a LOT of the juice

I like more of the veggies than meat. Almost looks like a beef stew

Eat away and making mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds!


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