Creole seasoned slow roasted chicken

Just made this chicken up, had these two items

in my “pantry”. See I don’t really have a pantry. I have this one shelf above the washer and dryer to store my can goods and dried foods in. So my pantry I guess is what you could call it…

So I had these two items in the pantry from my #1 food blog fan Lori and I decided to use them together.

The one on the left is a meat injector, and I have never used a meat injector so I was real excited to try it with a whole chicken.

So I got a whole chicken, 4-5 pounder one. Washed and dried off and place it in a roasting pan


so get your injector


and inject your meat… I injected the marinade in the breast meat, legs, everywhere and anywhere I could poke that needle and inject the goodness into the bird

and then I coated the outside of the chicken with the creole seasoning. Be very generous with this stuff…I turned the chicken over and sprinkled it on its underside and on the top some more and just everywhere I could coat




cook, low and slow at 275 for 4-5 hours or until internal temperature is 165 degrees

then the last 10 minutes I turned the oven up to 375 degrees to really crisp up the skin on the chicken and get a nice color



Dinner is served!



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