Lemon Chicken al la Jamie

I have been a walking fool lately. I’m getting older and well as mush as I LOVE to run, my body can’t handle it as much. I can wog walk/run – wog (Thanks Stacey).

So I live really close to my work, so I have been walking home most nights. I love it! It makes me happy, So I try to do it as much as I can!
My walk tonight

Not bad 5.29 miles. Sometimes I do lunges too. I like it! It’s great after being in a stuffy office for 8 hours. Fresh air, Sunshine, Flowers, People, and sometimes I see Ladybugs!

So far I have walked 16 miles in one week. My goal is 25 miles! My feet can’t hang though. But I am determined to do it, and I will, damn it!

After a nice 5 mile walk, I make me and Normy a yummy Jamie Meal…

When I made this chicken I had another recipe planned, but when I went to make it, it didn’t appeal to me, so I went with something else, and this is what I came up with…

The flavor is lemon…I love lemon! (You knew that though already)

1st preheat your oven to 250 degrees

Then you will need a whole chicken, however many pounds. Take it out of the packaging and take any guts or the neck out of the cavity (gross), then wash it with cold water and dab/dry with paper towels.

then you get a pan, oven safe, something with a lid. I used my le creuset pot. (My most favorite pot in my kitchen, you knew that too).

rub the chicken down with olive oil, then use the juice of one lemon and squeeze one half over the bottom and one half over the top, then grab some lemon pepper seasoning and sprinkle that all over the bird, under, over, on the legs, wings. Just guess, whatever looks good to you. Then lay the bird in the pot, breast side up and take one whole lemon and cut thin slices and lay on top of the chicken like so:

Looks pretty doesn’t it? (I make food look pretty)



Place chicken in the preheated oven with the lid on and cook it for 5 hours at 250 degrees. (Low and slow) Then pull it out and let it rest for 10 minutes. (take the lid off, so it can cool some too).

Nice and done

Then remove the lemons before you start to tear that bird apart to eat


My favorite part is the drumsticks…

There you go. Lemon Chicken al la Jamie! (Only 4 ingredients to make, and it was delicious)


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