Roasted Potatoes with Panko, Green Onions and Dill

1 year ago: chilled calamari salad with lemon and parsley

Cheeseburger Macaroni

So I have a lot of people and things that inspire me in my world of cooking.

1st my hubby inspires me, he doesn’t have to do anything really to inspire me, but eat my food. But I am ALWAYS saying to him I wanna cook this and I want to make this and this looks good and I want to go to this store or to the farmer’s market…

I also have people like Lori, who is my #1 food blog fan. She found me through my blog, and she says that I inspire her! Well if I inspire someone, then that inspires me even more! It’s nice to inspire people! Makes you feel good and stuff!

Another person who inspires me (as you ALL KNOW) is The Pioneer Woman

I love her! I love all her pictures on her blog and all of her recipes. I like how she writes and how goofy she can be on her blog. I don’t think I have made a recipe of hers that I haven’t liked! She makes yummy recipes that I feel most anyone would like!

Something else that inspires me is when people make my recipes like for example Dave, who found me through my Flickr account…He finds recipes on my blog and then makes them.

Like this picture, I did NOT take it, Dave did! He got the inspiration from my blog.
Salmon Marinade

He also made this:
Leftover Corn and Chipotle Pepper Salad?

Makes me happy when people make my recipes, but when they take pretty pictures of the recipe they make,  I love it even more and inspires me to make more recipes!  Inspires me to make more recipes in hopes they make my recipes too and even take pictures too!!!!!

Another person that inspires me is Lidia Bastianich. How can you not love her? She’s been around forever and she can cook!

and she cooks my 2nd favorite food, Italian!

When I went to Kansas City I wanted to eat at one of her Restaurants, but it was closed for Memorial Day holiday…


To prove I was there…
lidia bastianich

I have two of her cookbooks and her cooking is a little intimidating to me. But when I watch her show I just want to make all her recipes. They look SO good! I really  should make more of her recipes!

Another person who inspires me in Ina Garten also known as:

The Barefoot Contessa. I like her style of cooking. She always says use “good” olive oil, use “good” salt. Meaning Good Quality, and I totally agree with her. Shes a bit of a snob, as she should be. Living in the Hamptons. I like a lot of the foods she makes and her style, she doesn’t go on and on when cooking, she gets down to business and just does it! Only thing is she doesn’t like cilantro, so there are no recipes that she makes that call for it, and I LOVE cilantro!

I also LOVE Giada De Laurentiis.  She started with Every Day Italian on The Food Network and then she has a new show: Giada at Home and I like that show better. I like her style, because she makes some damn good food! She makes my one of FAVORITE salmon recipe that I ALWAYS make!

I like how neat she is, as in clean when she cooks. I don’t like how she describes everything though, that gets annoying to me, she likes to use her hands and rrrrreally gets into describing how something tastes or smells. Her food is light and fresh too. Overall I like her style…

So now that you know some of the people who inspire me, let’s get to the good stuff, the Recipe!

so I made this recipe up

Start by preheating your oven to 425 degrees

once the oven has been preheated place a cast iron skillet inside, get the skillet nice and hot and ready for when you are ready for it…

you will need one pound of Baby Red Potatoes

wash them and place them on a paper towel to dry

then slice them in half, like so

place them in a medium-sized bowl

and drizzle olive oil over them

then sprinkle garlic salt and freshly ground black pepper over the top, to taste

Then sprinkle on about 1/2 a cup of Panko break Crumbs

Stir all together

Then take your warmed cast iron skillet out of the oven and throw the potatoes in the pan, They should sizzle for you. Then place the skillet back in the oven and back the potatoes for about 15 minutes

once they have baked for 15 minutes then flip them and then bake another 15 minutes, or until fork tender. You could turn the heat up too as well to get them a little more crispy and brown…

So once the potatoes are done pull them out of the oven and then chop up some fresh dill and about 5 green onions and sprinkle them over the potatoes


and you may now…EAT!


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