Things that I like Thursday…

So I am going to totally copy this blog I saw: Iowa girl eats and every Friday she does Friday Favorites and I LOVE IT! Every Friday she shares her favorite finds from the web, including food, fashion, funnies, travel, art etc.

So yep I am totally going to copy her and do Things that I like Thursday…I wanted to do Friday Favorites but that’s lame! She already came up with that so I gotta think of another name and day to do it! (that’s my thinking anyways).

So let’s try this…

I like this Blog this week

Iowa girl eats

I should post her 1st as things I like this week, as it was because of her blog I am doing the things I like Thursday…

I love her Friday Favorites (as I said before) I love her workout ideas and just her whole blog also made one of her recipes too: One Skillet Pasta Puttanesca

She makes good food!

Make it, you’ll like it! I loved it and so did Norman! So you KNOW it’s good!

Love this…I love lady bugs! So I love this picture!

Found this on Pinterest, I seem to find all my recipes I want to make from there lately…I think I want to make this next week: Sweet Pulled Pork Tacos 


This made me laugh…Totally how I look in the morning


I like this add: (Cause It’s totally how I feel)


I need this Outfit for work…I like, LOVE it!


Love her hairstyle! Of course anything on her would look cute, cause she’s just so darn CUTE!


I want to make these Cupcakes, they look fabulous and they have Kahlua in them!


I like this Picture from Etsy.


I like this quote


I like this dress and I think she has a great body, not fake, no plastic surgery, it’s all her! She works hard! Most people think she is ugly, or people I know think she is, But I think she is pretty and what great legs! And another great quote!


and I like this person this week, Stacey!

I like her every week, but this week, I got to see her and have a girls night last night! We don’t get to do that too often so it was really special to me! We had SUSHI! I LOVE SUSHI and I LOVE STACEY!

So we will end my first Things I love Thursday on that lovie note!

YAY for Friday tomorrow!



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