Things I like Thursday….

So it’s that time again, things I like Thursday!

So lets see what I found this week that I liked and felt that it was worth mentioning!

Found this blog: All her recipes call for beer!

thinking this will be my go to blog for recipes when Football season comes along.

This recipe looked fabulous and think I will make it next week, as Normy loves Vodka!

spaghetti with vodka cream sauce

Spaghetti with Tomato Vodka Cream Sauce


add this to places I would like to go to list!

Looks like a blast!

Let’s see, I would file this next thing I like under things I LOVE!

San Marzano tomatoes! I think I have made MANY comments before how much I LOVE THEM!

If you want good canned tomatoes, use these! #1 in my book!

Will make your marinara sauce so MUCH BETTER!



This would be things I am craving lately, Fried Okra

I need to make this recipe like now! I have ALWAYS wanted to make homemade fried Okra!
Newest drink that I am liking right now Lime-a-rita!

It gives you a nice buzz

Try one, you won’t be disappointed! Good on a hot summers day!


The newest thing I am liking for my hairs right now is this stuff:

smells SO good and helps with fly aways and my hair just loves it! Makes it soft and makes it look better and did I mention that it smells oh so good! The girl who does my hair recommended it, and uses it and I LOVE IT! You should try it!


This would be Things I want and need Ravioli cutter


Grill Pan

Need the ravioli cutter because well I lovemaking homemade ravioli and how fun would that cutter be??? Also need the grill pan, because me and the Norman don’t have a grill and well we really don’t have room for a grill on our little balcony. So thinking this would be the next best thing! I like those grill marks, makes for pretty pictures!


Saw this picture on Pinterest Barbecue Pork Burgers  and it just looked so gooooood.  Add this under things I want to make…


This made me think of Normy…


another blog I am loving right now

I’ve made a couple of recipes from her blog and they are fabulous. I love her pictures!

Made this:

simple pasta salad It’s fabulous!


One of my all time favorite quotes/sayings…


This salad looks fabulous


I need this dress for my anniversary coming up on August 8th!


Another saying I love. oh SO true!


yep it’s 11:42PM right now and I am working on this post forThursday, so I will be regretting staying up this late tomorrow morning


The Pictures on this blog Are amazing to me…

and I love sushi!


I love ecards!


My dream, my wish, my hope…


Love this! Oh SO TRUE!

Happy Thursday!


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