Roasted Lemon Chicken Quarters

You know I love to cook.

But it seems that when I go to cook, I get more excited to take pictures of the process of what I cook and when I finish! Oh don’t get me wrong! LOVE to COOK! LOVE! But I love taking pictures for you all as well. To share on here and hope you read it and love my pictures! and inspire you to cook as well!

So this recipe is a Jamie Recipe, Made it up all by myself!

So start by preheating your oven to 250 degrees

Then take 4 chicken quarters and sprinkle top and bottom, under and skin side with lemon pepper spice, and black pepper (I did this all on taste)


continue doing this with all 4 chicken quarters and place them in a big enough roasting pan, to where they will all fit.

Then get a couple of lemons and slice them thinly and lay them on the chicken quarters. About 3-4 to each chicken quarter


Then take some chicken broth and basically coat the bottom of the roasting pan, so when it bakes it will create steam and help make the Chicken extra moist, plus add a little flavor too.


I baked these low and slow for about 5 hours and they were fabulous

Lots of juice in the pan and the lemons fell off while baking, delicious!

Take them from the pan and let them rest on a plate for a few before serving

when lifting the chicken from the roasting pan to the plate some fell right off the bone


dinner is served!


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