Things I like Thursday

Well here we are again, another Thursday.

So you know what that means?

Things I like Thursday!

Things I have found on the web that caught my eye that I like and want to share with you all…

It’s been a tough week for me at work. Drama, Drama and Drama…So we will start off this post with something positive, as I need all the positive thoughts and sayings I can get!


This looks FABULOUS! Love the picture! Food Porn!

Wanted to share this picture, cause I LIKES IT. It’s not too often that someone takes a picture of me! My SIL got this one of me and my niece Isela, I’m making dinner for everyone…


Saw this picture on pinterest and it just looked so yummy, I had to share…Fresh Corn with Queso, Cilantro and Chile:

I am liking the way this Eggs Benedict is looking…California eggs Benedict

(click on pictures to go to website to get recipe)

Anything with bacon in it, you know I am going to LOVE and want to make!

Rosemary Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Salad


One of my favorite sayings, because I can relate to it SO MUCH!

This makes me laugh! HA! I love it!

This Cheesecake looks Fabulous! And it calls for Bailey’s Irish Cream! Who wouldn’t like this cheesecake?

Another Eggs Benedict picture, This looked tooooooooo good to not share with you all…

I LOVE Scallops, My FAVORITE Seafood…

Another Love of mine…MUSHROOMS! These look fabulous too!

This looks so YUMMY! I want a bite of this right now!

I LOVE Bloody Mary’s and this one just looks like it’s an extreme bloody Mary!

This would be good for a Meatless Monday Meal. It looks so good! I would try it!

Great Idea’s for Appetizers! Love this!

1. Mini Spinach Pizzas, Martha Stewart Living
2. Bite Size Greek Salad, Cooking With My Kid
3. apricots and Cheese, My Recipes
4. Cucumber Cups, Celebrations at Home
5. Red Peppers and Hummus, Frost Me
6. Pesto and tomato Bruschetta, Recipe
7. Antipasto-Sausage, Food Network

I have always wanted to make asparagus soup…I LOVE leeks!

Love me some breaded Mushrooms!

The Pioneer Woman Returns to The Food Network this coming Saturday with new episodes! I can’t WAIT!

Love this:

Love this one too…

This about sums it up…


Cheddar Beer Drop Biscuits = YUM!

YUM Mushroom Bourguignon – looks and sounds wonderful! You know a recipe is good when it calls for wine! That’s what I always say!

I need this pasta drier thingy! I likes it!



Love this, need it for my kitchen! (except there won’t be any diapers on my shopping list)!


I love these ecards, and I love wine!


I need to make these, they look great!


So there you have it!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am SO GLAD!