Things I like Thursday…

Well yesterday 8-8-2012 Normy and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary! 4 years married!

There’s us on our day 8-8-2008

Our vows

So instead of calling this Things I like Thursday, in honor of our 4 year anniversary we will call it things I LOVE Thursday!

So things that I love are:

My man

(he looked SO handsome that day)


I love Sriracha! Thought these were cool!

Bacon and Bloody Mary – Yes please!



This salad looks amazing! I want to make it!


Love that face! Don’t you? Makes you saw Awwwwwww


I wanna make these, like tomorrow!



Love this Quote/Saying!


Love this! 28 Drunken Cupcakes! I want to make them all!


Looks fabulous! I think I post some sort of Caprese salad on things I like Thursdays!


Love this blog and I want to make this recipe! One of MANY from this blog!


Love The Pioneer Woman and Love Patty Melts!


These Cupcakes looks Fun and Yummy!


Another good quote…


NEED to make these!



My Favorite sandwich of all time is BLT! This looks FABULOUS!


Great Idea! I want to do this!


LOVE this picture and LOVE Sunflowers!




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