Things I like Thursday!

OK its Thursday again! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Mine started out great as I took Monday off! Me NO likey Monday! So I took a Jamie day…went shopping and cooked and ate chips and salsa for lunch (Lunch of champions) and looked up recipes! Perfect Jamie Day!

So here are some finds I found this week that I wanted to share with you all…(Not sure if peeps are liking Things I like Thursday). No one comments…Is there anyone out there….hello, hello….

By the way, if you want the recipes for the pictures I post from other blogs, just click on the picture and it will take you to the site, so you can print/keep the recipe for yourself.

I love Iowa Girl eats.  She is so cute! I love her favorite Fridays and I love her recipes.  She seems like a cool chic, she’s into working out and being healthy and I feel that I can just really relate with her.  She also makes good food, and I found a yummy recipe on her site this week that I REALLY want to make:

The best picture for me last Friday…Normy, James and Russ and I went on a road trip last week and one of the stops we made was The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. I have ALWAYS wanted to go there. My Mom & Dad said I went there as a kid, But I am old now and I don’t remember if I went or not!

All I know is I wanted to go and feed the Giraffes. So freaking cool! (No the Giraffe is not trying to lick my boobie here, I have lettuce in my hand and I cropped it out so he’s trying to get the lettuce, but it does look funny like he’s being goofy for the picture). Such cool animals! I told Normy I wanted a pet Giraffe! I could drive around with him in my car and he could hang his neck out of my sunroof!

I got a good one of James and the Giraffe too…(another one I love)

They posed for the camera!

Another thing that I LOVE is Sunflowers! LOVE! Favorite flower ever! There is a field out by the airport that I go to every year and I went again this year and found these beauties:

see the ladybug? (LOVE them too)

See, by the airport. The planes fly over…(cool huh)

so bright, so cheery, reminds me of the sun! and I love the sun and I LOVE sunflowers!

Love this Fall Bucket List! (even if it is from 2011) I love summer. But I always look forward to fall. The leaves changing, and the cooler weather, comfort food,  pumpkin patches, baking pies, baking in general, hot chocolate…

I wanna make this cake. I LOVE Lemon!

Football is starting soon! I don’t care for football, but I do love getting dudes together so that I can cook all sorts of food for them!

Caprese on a stick! Looks pretty and you know it tastes good too!


So for our anniversary, Normy got me a trainer and I have him for 3 weeks, every Tuesday! let me just tell you The best gift EVER! I wish I could have him train me every Tuesday for the rest of my life! He has worked me out and I have been sore in places I didn’t even know I could be sore. I have sweat in places I didn’t even know I could sweat (ewwww). So I can totally relate to this quote below…

Love this dress! It’s only $235

L K Bennett dress

and then look at these shoes to go with that grey dress. They are only $430…

Yves Saint Laurent pumps

This pasta looks fabulous and I would like to make it! I also need a pasta drier thingy like this one!
I am into making scones these days and I came across these! I love peach cobbler and I love making scones! I want to make these!
I love sweet tea and I saw this…hmmm wonder how good it would be??? (click on the picture for the recipe)
I love wine (as you all know). So found these and had to share!
hahahaha and one more to share about cupcakes, cause I LOVES Cupcakes!
I have looked at this recipe about a thousand times this week! I LOVE Fried green tomatoes! I REALLY want to make this dish! not good for all my trainer time at the gym though! hahaha But oh MAN looks and sounds SO GOOOOOD!
I am sharing this Picture from Dave
He always makes my recipes and takes Pictures and I LOVE IT! Makes me happy when I see what he has made and I love the pictures he takes…Check this one out, You’ll be glad you did!Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

thought this was cute!


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