Things I like Thursday!

Happy Thursday again! One more day till Friday! I wish today was Friday! It has been a long week for me. Seems it goes that way anymore…BLAH! I think that we should have 5 days off and then work the weekends! Seems life is all work and no play! I want more play!

So I did something different with my hair this last time I got them did. I added PINK! So I thought I would share a picture with you…



I think it looks totally cool and different! Life is short add pink to your hairs!

Which brings me to our next thing I like…I really like this quote! As I am always the different one, one of kind, the one who stands out or left out cause I am different! I am ALL about being different. Don’t go with the crowd I say even if you have to stand alone, just be YOU!

Saw this and I think I want to make this! I always wanted to make homemade tomato sauce! You know me, ALL about HOMEMADE! I want to make a trip to the farmer’s market this weekend and so I think there will be a lot of tomatoes on that list, to make this…homemade tomato sauce!

I have been eying this recipe for about a month now. Found it on Pinterest. It sounds good and looks good! I think it would be good on fish or steak…Almost looks like pesto in the jar…but it’s Ginger Scallion Sauce -hmm wonder it would be good with pot stickers? mmmm

I was looking for cupcake recipes one day last week and I wanted to make a popular flavor, but different. So I Googled cupcakes or popular cupcakes (don’t exactly remember) but this is what I found: 50 best cupcake recipes on the internet

Lot’s of great flavors and ideas for cupcakes if you need inspiration!

So the cupcake flavor that I did go with was this one: Cherry Coke cupcakes!

But of course I tweaked the recipe to make it my own, but used this one as inspiration!

here is mine:

Found this and I think I will SO do it! Just need to find my ice trays! What a GREAT IDEA! Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil

Saw this and well, I have 9 nieces and nephews and if my sister in laws ever ask me to take pictures of all the kids together. I saw this and was like I will TOTALLY do this…Great idea, fun and cute!

This just made me laugh, so I had to share it!

I should make these! How fun and yummy and ORANGE! Normy would like them! Delicious orange cream cupcakes! also the girl’s name on this blog is Jamielyn!  What a cute name!

So fall will be here before we know it! I’m still not ready for summer to be over yet! Still trying to hold on! But the mornings are cooler here and pretty soon, we won’t need the AC at night!

So in honor of fall just around the corner how cute are these?

I need this car…So CUTE!

OMG I LOVE PINTEREST! I find so much on their these days! It’s where I get ideas and all recipes! It’s the BEST site EVER! I also found this pot on there:

I love, love, love Le Creuset.

I want to do all my spices like this. I think it looks cool, and it’s a space saver too!

This dip looks good and so bad for you, but I bet it tastes SO GOOD!

I need remember this ALWAYS! It’s kinda sad to me, but true! My problem is I care TOO damn much!

I want to make these potatoes…They look fabulous to me. Different! Roasted Moroccan Potatoes and they call for Harissa which I have never used but know I would like as it is Red Chili Paste now where to get Arbol Chilies…I bet Whole Foods has them! They have EVERYTHING there! (Love that store)

You need to make this casserole for breakfast one morning! I am telling you, you will NOT be disappointed. My mother in law made it for me for the 1st time and I have been using this recipe ever since she made it! It’s delicious! Best Breakfast Casserole ever! I am making it for a breakfast potluck here at work for tomorrow!

So it seems I always find some kind of caprese salad for Things I like Thursday so I found this Caprese Pasta Salad:

This dish looks so damn good! But of course anything that’s called Creamy Potato Bake, usually means unhealthy, but delicious!

This is totally me!

Of course I would want the hundred million dollars to make my own food and then I would want to eat it all and to not get fat either! hahahaha

Holy Goodness! This recipe has everything that I Love in it: mayonnaise, lemon juice, mushrooms, butter, bacon, and cheese. I think I will be making this dish this Sunday! It sounds soooo amazing to me!

YUMMY! I want to make these! Orange Scones! I am on a kick of making scones lately and I said so in my last things I like Thursday post!

Oh how I love Adam Levine, He’s so cute!

I need this cup! Sippy cup wine glass…

I NEED this pantry!

Love it!

So there you have it! Happy Friday Tomorrow! Cheers to the weekend!