Things I like Thursday!

Here we are again Thursday!

So this Thursday no beating around the bush on what I found that I like this week, I will just get straight to it!

Love this quote

Daily Motivation

This is just too cute to not post!

Saw this on Pinterest and HAD to post it for you, as the picture caught my eye! BBQ Corn With Mexican Spicy Butter & Lime…

Again, Saw this picture and it caught my eye and then I saw what it was and I was just like YUM! I love anything Buffalo chicken style!

Here is my usual Caprese Thursday post Caprese Sandwich

HAD to share this…

This made me think of Normy…

Need to make these for my bro! Camouflage Cupcakes!

You know after doing Things I like Thursday a few times you hope that you don’t post the same thing twice…Saw these before and thought I had shared them before, but don’t believe I have…(and if I did post them once before I don’t think you would mind if I posted them again, I mean come on, loooook at the goooooodness).

How fun is this? It’s cake fries! Yes it is fries and ketchup, but really it’s not (click on the picture to go to the website).

I need this scarf

I need this pot for fall – Le Creuset Pumpkin Casserole

Need this one too…Apple

OH wait and this one too…Blueberry

Wait, one more, Garlic…

So this past Saturday I bought some fresh okra at the farmer’s market and finally made homemade fried Okra! I always wanted to make it…

Used this recipe:

Sounds like a good Fall Bucket list to me!

I have this issue every night!

My birthday – except for the year 2011, But the 11/11 is right.

I want to do this to my hairs! My boss would just love that!

hahaha this always makes me laugh!

Words to live by!

What a cute idea!

This applies to my job and where I work…

I have been wanting these Meatloaf Cupcakes with Cream Potato Frosting since forever ago! I always see them online and wonder why I haven’t made them yet! How fun and cute!

I need to get a popover pan so that I can make these Gruyere Chive Popovers:

This bread looks FABULOUS! I need to make it, like TODAY!

YUM! Mojito Doughnuts!


What a great idea! As big as Normy’s family is, this would be great to show how all the nieces and nephews have grown and since I take SO many pictures! What a GREAT IDEA!!! Family yearbooks!


Love this! Never gets old!


hahaha LOVE IT!



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