Things I Like Thursday

Hello Boys and Girls. Hello anyone and everyone or no one! It’s Thursday! Of course I wish it was Friday!

You know what I find annoying? Those people who like EVERY single thing on the internet! It seems nowadays you can go anywhere and like anything and everything.  You can like blog posts, everything it seems that you see on the internet, Instagram, EVERYWHERE! “Like us on Facebook”. UGH! I hate the “like” button! oops this is supposed to be a post on things I like! hahaha Well ONE thing I don’t like!

So since it’s Thursday you know what that means???? Things I like Thursday! Things I find on the interwebs that I likes…(mainly food and recipes)

We will start with BACON for the 1st thing I like! My co-worker Albert showed me this Make your own bacon roses

Who needs roses when you can have BACON! (I’d rather have Bacon roses than real roses)!

These look so good. Mocha Scones
You know anything that has wine in it will be good! Well that’s my thinking anyways! Mulled Wine
I LOVE salsa! I think I have told you that before probably a million times. So let’s make this a million and one! Fresh Salsa!
These look amazing to me. Because they have red wine on them! Red Wine Caramel Apples. One word…WINE!
I should make this for myself for my Birthday! Cause it has BACON on it! Candied Bacon Topped Chocolate Stout Cake
I want to make this sauce because it uses my FAVORITE tomatoes EVER: San Marzano
I think I have bacon on the mind today, as this will be the 3rd picture I will posted with BACON in it! Chocolate Beer Batter Cupcakes with Maple Bacon
This looks great! Good Old Fashioned Apple Pie perfect for fall!
Perfect for fall too! Caramel Apple Pie Cupcakes
These look great! Whenever I see any recipe with BEER in the title I think to myself, Normy would like that (haha)… Cheddar Beer Drop Biscuits
I need this pot! Le Creuset Signature Saucepan. I make a LOT of sauces! MMMM sauce!!
I want to make this for breakfast one day! I have made grits once before and I want to make them again! Baked Eggs with Homemade Sausage and Grits
Great saying! Gosh I LOVE Pinterest!
I want to make this cake! Halloween treat: chocolate pumpkin cake
My friend Stacey showed me this blog and I pretty much want to make every recipe on it…
hahahaha This is how I have felt all week…
mmmmm Beer Cheese soup! This looks great! Normy would LOVE IT!
I saw this last week and should have posted it, but didn’t. So I will post it this week, And since last week was the 1st weekend of Football. (I am just SO excited, NOT) The ONLY reason I like football is to have Normy’s friends over and I cook for them. I could care less about football. I also like to take pictures of everyone getting into it when their favorite team scores…But other than that, I don’t care.  135 recipes for football season
I need this feature on my phone! Heck every phone should have this….
This looks fabulous! Light and FRESH! Crispy Prosciutto And Avocado Salad Toasts
This looks SO good! Guacamole BLT – BACON!
I LOVE Cupcakes! They are my favorite! I made these colleges tonight of some of the cupcakes I have made this year so far!
LOVE THEM, so why not share!

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

I love Rottenecards! They are so awesome!

Love, Love, Love this saying!

Cutest dog! Boo the Internets most popular dog


Another straight person, FOR gay marriage!

AMEN to that!

LOVE this!

And there you go!

Another Things I like Thursday!

YAY for tomorrow being FRIDAY!


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