Jamie BLT

So my favorite Sammie (sandwich) is the BLT. So when I was a youngin I created this sandwich back in the day…when I was single and had only myself to cook for I would make it cause it was cheap, easy and delicious and it had bacon…enough said!

So I start with 6 slices of bacon, I am making 2 sandwiches, one for me and one for Norman. So 3 slices of bacon each. I bake mine in the oven to make life easier. Less of a mess. And I LOVE to cook my bacon in a cast iron skillet! I like to cook anything and everything in my cast iron skillet but more so bacon.


So this is more like a Bacon, Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle Sandwich

So you need may-o and mustard, Yes I add mustard – why because I like it.
Lettuce, I like iceberg, its crunchy and yeah like it too
tomatoes, sliced
and red onion, sweeter, sliced

and then the bread (yes MUST be toasted) wheat bread. I toasted mine a little too much

and once the bacon is cooked, I drain it on paper towels and let it cool a little before using.

So you are ready now to assemble this sandwich

Add may-o and mustard to the bread

then break the bacon up and add that next

then the lettuce, tomato and onion

then I add sandwich, sliced, dill pickles

stack it all up and put the to pieces of bread together with all the goodies and smoosh together and cut the sammie in half


and I like to dip my sammie in Italian dressing. LOVE IT! Try it! It’s tangy from the dressing and pickles. Don’t know why but I LOVE the flavors together…

and there you have it a Jamie BLT!


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