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Things I like Thursday

Happy Thursday to you ALL!

So Since today is Thursday that means its THINGS I LIKE THURSDAY!

Let’s see what goodies I found this time to share with you!

Saw these and thought how fun! As I LOVE sweet tea!  Sweet Tea Ice Pops

This sounds and looks good.  Mexicali Fettuccine

Had all sorts of stuff in it I love: butter, garlic, onion, heavy cream, chili powder, paprika, cumin, green chiles, diced tomatoes, parmesan cheese, fresh cilantro

Damn this looks good! Great Grandma’s Pasta Sauce

Love this! Love Emma Stone

This looks yummy! Skillet Chicken Parmesan

Yummy! Honey-Lime Chicken Skewers

Wine! Love this!

I made this for dinner last night and it was fabulous! It calls for chicken thighs and I LOVE chicken thighs! Ginger Chicken

This looked and sounded SO good to me:  Fried Green tomatoes, and you know how much I LOVE Fried Green Tomatoes! Fried “Green” Tomatoes with Jalapeno Tabasco Ranch


So I have some Marsala wine left over from last weekend from making Tiramisu and I wanted to make chicken Marsala but couldn’t find a recipe at the time, but later on found this one. I thought it looked good, Chicken Marsala and I am thinking um yeah I need to make this recipe next week!

This sounded and looked good to me: Orzo with Mushrooms

I want to make this cake for myself in November for my 35th birthday! Cake

I have never made an apple tart, Thought this one looked pretty and sounded good as well.  Apple Frangipane Tart

MMMM Copy Cat Big Macs

Any recipe with wine in it has GOT to be good: Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

The perfect man ice cream Guinness Ice Cream with Chocolate Bacon Bits

These are so cute! I mean manly…they are manly! (and cute) BBQ Football Cupcakes

This recipe looks good. Paseo Cuban Roast Pork Sandwich

I will be making these soon. Chipotle and Lime Roasted Potatoes
My #1 blog fan Lori sent me this recipe and it has 2 things I LOVE, Chicken thighs and mushrooms! Jacques Pepin’s Crusty Chicken Thighs with Mushroom Sauce
MMMM Love The Pioneer woman! Killer Club Sandwich
and love this quote!
This made me laugh
My dad’s favorite pie is Jeff Davis Pie and my grandma has a family recipe and I tried making it this year for my dad for Father’s day and well the recipe didn’t work as in Colorado we are at high altitude and some recipes just don’t work. So I wanted to try to find a Jeff David pie that would come out for high altitude. So maybe this one would work?


Hello World! My name is Jamie! But a lot of peeps think I am Crazy! So some call me Crazy Jamie! The name originally came from my mother in law, she nick named me crazy nena, which means crazy woman in Spanish and well I always loved the name and well its stuck and I feel it fits me quite well. So I went with it! My friend Stacey’s kids also call me Crazy Jamie. Not Jamie, but Crrrrazy Jamie! Why be just Jamie, when I can be CRAZY JAMIE! So welcome to my world! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Food! I probably think about food more than a man thinks about sex. Well maybe not…But I think about it a LOT! I am always looking for recipes and inspirations and things I want to cook! I collect recipes and I LOVE Pinterest! Greatest place to get recipes! That’s where I get all mine! I am 35 years young and have been married to my Puerto Rican Hubby Normando Luis. Going on 5 years this year! We got hitched on 8-8-08. It’s just the two of us and always will be. I don’t want kids and yes he is ok with that! I like it just the two of us having fun, sipping wine, cooking, walking around naked and being goofy and on the go. It’s how we roll, and I LOVE our life! Why be like everyone else! I LOVE to be different! I have always been the odd one out, or stood out, or stood alone and always the loud girl. I am me 100% me all the time! Cussing, goofy, tons of energy, picture taking, pink hairs, crazy, outgoing chic! Some don’t like it, but that’s ok, not everyone can like someone so awesome! Did I mention I LOVE food, all kinds! My favorite food is Sushi, then Italian! I also LOVE learning how to make foods from my hubby’s homeland of Puerto Rico! I will travel there someday! I also LOVE Cajun/creole food! I think I was a Cajun in a past life! I also LOVE to make homemade pasta and my most favorite tomatoes are San Marzano tomatoes! How I show love to friends and family is by cooking for them! I put my heart and soul into my food and cooking! It’s my passion and you can see, hear and taste it! My favorite place to be in is my kitchen cooking! I love to hike and have lived in Colorado my whole life. I don’t think I could live anywhere there wasn’t mountains! I also LOVE the dry heat! I don’t handle humidity too well. Along with cooking and taking pictures and hanging out with my hubby, I also have a side salsa business I do as well as a cupcake business too. I love to stay busy! Why rest? I can’t sit still so I just keep a moving anyway I can! So this is me and my world and welcome to it!

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