Mini Chile Rellenos

Got the idea for these from a bar that James likes to go too and we meet him sometimes. Called Brewery Bar and they have these Mini Chili rellenos that I order every time I go in Menu

Heat some oil in a fryer or pot to about 375 degrees, oil should be 2-3 inches deep.

So you will need:

wonton wrappers

green chiles

Monterey jack cheese, grated

jalapenos, cut in striped and then halved


So you take a wonton wrapper and turn to where its a corner is facing you and place in the center but more towards the corner chopped green chile, then some cheese, and jalapeno and roll the wrapper and tuck in the two corners and roll together. don’t fill the wonton too full as you won’t be able to roll or wrap these.

once you have them rolled then seal the ends with water


once the oil is heated throw 4-6 of the minis in the oil and fry


Fry untill nice and brown and crispy

and drain on paper towels

do this until you fry desired amount

so yummy



also at Brewery Bar they serve their Mini’s with green chile, so I did that as well. just dip mini and eat = delicious!


*Note to self: don’t shred/grate the cheese next time but cut into little cubes. the shredded cheese is harder to work with when stuffing the minis and it melts faster than a cube would.


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