French Dip al la Jamie

OK so one evening I wanted a really easy dinner. Wasn’t in the mood to cook. so I came up with this. French Dip al la Jamie….

so take 8 oz of white mushrooms wash them, and slice them thin. preheat a medium cast iron skillet and add about 2 tbsp of butter and melt it, then add in the sliced mushrooms, cook until nice and browned, about 10 minutes. sometimes I even turn my mushrooms up to high and almost burn them. They get a nice crust and I think that makes them taste even better…

take 2 hoggies and slice in half

add some prepared horseradish to one slice of the bread or if you like it extra hot add it to both slices

then add some provolone cheese to the same slice as you put the horseradish on


I also sautéed some onion and added that to my sandwich too. Just take one medium onion and slice it thin and throw it in a skillet that is coated with olive oil and a little butter and saute till nice and canalized
add the cooked onions to your sandwich on top of the cheese

then add the cooked mushrooms

then add the sliced roast beef, as many slices as you desire.

top with other slice of bread and cut sandwhich in half

serve sandwich with au jus





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