Things I like Thursday!

Happy Thursday to you all. Hope everyone has recovered from their Thanksgiving? I have! Here’s another Things I Like Thursday.

We will start off with some salmon…Simple Salmon Tartar

How about some tuna? YUM! Tuna poke

and I will have you know that I LOVE this site: This blog makes me want sushi and seafood in the worst way!

the BEST kind of tuna Ahi Tuna and even better Ahi Tuna Ceviche

HMMMM maybe I should have called this post the Ceviche post eh!

This Pasta looks fabulous. Would be great for a summer dish! Chilled Seafood Pasta Salad with Ginger Yogurt Dressing

This looks so good! And this recipe calls for my most favorite tomatoes San Marzano! Spicy Seafood Pasta

HA! the first time I made Gumbo I got the recipe from my good friend Stacey and she told me the most important step in the recipe – is the roux and that’s how this recipe starts, so that’s why I am sharing it with you, as it reminds me of my friend Stacey Marie…Seafood Gumbo

These look sooooooo good! Chestnut Chocolate and Hazelnut Cannoli

I have been on the search for the perfect dessert for Christmas Eve dinner…This one might work…Chocolate-Raspberry Bavarian Torte

YUM! I LOVE Pecans! Pecan Pie Cobbler

mmmmm wings…these look good!  Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings – We are having some friends over this saturday so I am making wings, thinking I am using this recipe…

These sound soooo good and would be yummy for the holidays! Eggnog Cupcakes with a Spiced Rum Buttercream

mmmm I LOVE asian food and SOY SAUCE! salty goodness! Soy Sauce Fried Noodles aka Chow Mein

MMMMM sauce that has mayonnaise in it, I know I am going to love! Yum Yum Sauce

What a good idea all around! Freeze green grapes to keep white wine cold – nice presentation plus doesn’t water anything down!

Perfect for Normy and me! Cupcakes for two

awww how cute are these! Mini Blueberry Galettes

Rustic Apple Tart. Love the cast iron skillets!

This is pretty! Braided Cinnamon Wreath

Gotta make these! Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting Tops Off a Surprise Filled Cupcake

Who wouldn’t like these! YUM! Cheddar and Bacon Puff Pastry Sticks

mmmm Jamaican Jerk Chicken, wonder if this could work on wings?

MMMMM I LOVE ONION DIP! Homemade French Onion Dip

I love potatoes and ham together. Reminds me of this dish my mom made when I was a kid, Ham and scalloped potatoes. Was so good! this reminded me of it Creamy Potatoes with Ham Recipe

I am thinking of making more than one flavor of wings Saturday, thinking these might be the other flavor I go with looks damn GOOD! Sticky Chinese chicken wings

Damn I should make this for Sunday dinner! Tyler`s Ultimate Lasagna

how to make chicago style deep dish pizza = YUM!

Damn this salsa looks great! Fire Roasted Tomato Lime Salsa

How pretty is this! layered fruit gazpacho

I love Chicken nuggets! Homemade Chicken Nuggets and Honey Mustard

MMMM Salmon! I LOVE Salmon! Oriental Basil Glazed Salmon

And that’s all Folks! Happy Friday tomorrow!

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