Things I like Thursday!

Happy Thursday! Another Week! Oh boy! Time flies when you’re having fun at work…NOT! So here you go. Some more things I have seen on the internet and wanted to share with you all. Happy Day before Friday! YAY!

I will start the post with some wine…Blackberry & Red Wine Ice Cream

I NEED to make this salad! Sushi Salad lettuce, crab, avocado, lemon, sriracha, wasabi sauce, mayonnaise, roasted sesame seeds, seaweed sheets. YUM!

Sushi Salad Recipe

MMMMM I LOVE Potatoes! And these look damn GOOD! Potato Rings with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dipping Sauce

I am not a fan of pumpkin flavor, But I am obsessed with recipes that call for pumpkin! And this recipe sounds really good! Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo

recipe for pumpkin fettuccine with sage | by forgiving martha for camille styles

This sounded good and different! I LOVE me some Spaghetti squash, and looking for new ways to make it! Baked Spaghetti Squash with Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I love Crêpes and I have made a Crêpe Cake before and I would like to try it again! something like this: Dusky Caramel and Raspberry Crêpe Cake


Love this too! Been told SO many times that I am weird and different and out there and and and and….and yeah people can be so mean of their opinion of you! I’d rather be different from everyone else!

YUM! This looks so good! What a pretty picture! HOTCAKES WITH DELICIOUS BLUEBERRY COMPOTE

Pinned Image

I love Paula Deen, she is so fun and cute! And she makes easy, yummy food like this: Lobster Club Sandwich

Lobster Club Sandwich

I have some blueberries in my fridge and I need to use them before they go bad and I was trying to decide what I should make with them? Maybe these: Blueberry Crumb Bars

blueberry crumb bar

How fun! I have always wanted to make homemade vanilla!

homemade vanilla favors

A to the MEN!

 Pinned Image

MMMMM Who doesn’t like sugar cookies? Soft Lofthouse Style Frosted Cookies

MMMM this looks good! Love The Pioneer Woman! Bowtie Chicken Alfredo

MMM Love Scalloped Potatoes!

What a perfect Sunday dinner! The perfect Fried Chicken

How fun! a cookie that tastes like Cheesecake! Cheesy-Cherry Cookies

I love cauliflower, but never know how to make it. This sounds like a good way to make it Potato, Cauliflower and Cheddar Bake

I like the dish too!

I like the dish too


I love Calamari! I have never made it this way! I should try it sometime! Flour Fried Calamari

Flour Fried Calamari

MMMM I love stew! This would be a yummy, different way of making it! Beef Short Rib Stew

Beef Short Rib Stew

I LOVE SALSA! Always looking for a yummy recipe! The Best Ever Roasted Tomato and Serrano Salsa

MMMM The best of both worlds Vanilla and Chocolate! Marble Butter Cake


This sounds good, but different (in a good way) Chicken Nacho Soup

MMMM I want to make Gumbo SOON!



That’s all Folks!



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