Lori’s Holy Cow Dip

This dip is how I met my #1 blog fan Lori!

She messaged me on here and told me about this dip!

So ever since I have made this dip Lori and me are good ol Facebook, emailing, recipe sharing friends! We go waaay back! HA!

So when I made this dip it calls for:

1 pound Jimmy Dean Original sausage
1 8-oz brick cream cheese
1 can Rotel (original)

Cook sausage completely. Remove from heat and drain fat. Drain Rotel and add to sausage. Stir in cream cheese. Mix thoroughly.

Serve with Tostido’s Scoops.

I doubled it as you can’t make just one batch, you HAVE to double it because people LOVE IT and you can’t stop eating it!

I also did this dip in the crock pot to keep it warm.

Here is the orignal post for this Recipe

But I felt that I needed an updated one with more pictures…so here YOU go!

So here is everything you need X2: (I also did everything HOT because I made this dip for Normy’s Birthday celebration with friends and I he loooves SPICY)

So start by cooking the sausage completely


Once the meat was cooked and drained I added it to a preheated crock pot that I already had the cream cheese melting, and just threw the cooked meat over the top of the cream cheese

Then add in the rotel


and to add something a little extra because I am Jamie and I wanted to make it a little of my own I added in an extra small can of Green Chilis



let it cook for a few minutes on med heat in the Crock pot and let it melt a little

Then stir it all together and just keep warm

Use Tostido’s Scoops so that you can fill them like this

and eat them! bet you can’t eat just one!!!


I know Karen couldn’t!


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