Normy’s Favorite Sandwich – Ham, Egg & Cheese

This is Normy’s most FAVORITE sandwich that I make! He LOVES it! It’s the easiest sandwich to make and one of my favorites to make!

So you will need the following:
Bread – sliced, white/wheat whatever you fancy. I do wheat cause its better for you.
Sliced cheese – whatever you like, I went with Colby jack
Sliced Ham
(you will also need may-o and mustard, salt and Pepper)

So start by toasting your bread

then grabbing a medium skillet and a small non stick skillet – the non stick for the eggs

Preheat the small skillet to medium low heat and crack 2-3 eggs in pan and add salt and pepper, to taste

Cook those until the whites are cooked but the yolks are runny.

Then take desired amount of ham slices and place them in the preheated medium skillet on medium low heat, basically you are just warming the ham so maybe cook for 2 minutes then flip the slices and cook 2 minutes on the other side

Set eggs and ham aside once cooked, or while its cooking once your bread is toasted add desired amount of mayo and mustard

Then add the cheese slices

Then add ham slices and eggs


then top with other slice of bread and cut sandwich in half

Normy says the messier the sandwich, the better it tastes




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