Things I like Thursday

It’s Thursday!

YAY! Happy Thursday! I have wine on the mind! So this week we are doing a WINE Thursday! Would work better if it was a Wine Wednesday huh?

How to cook a Turkey

How to Cook a Turkey

10 wine truths.

Pinned Image

Keep Calm and Drink wine

Pinned Image

Wine Chart

WINE CHART for 1 Dish 2 Wines promotion


Pinned Image

Chocolate red wine truffles

I need this! Good wine poster

Good wine poster (red)

Looks yummy! And it has WINE in it! Shellfish Stew with Red Wine and Fennel

cioppino fish stew tastefood

Home is Where the wine Is!

I limit myself to one glass of wine a day



Funny Confession Ecard: Sometimes I take baths because it's harder to drink wine in the shower.


Love the wine you’re with


It’s ALWAYS Wine O’Clock

I better have more fruit!


If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul. — Clifton Fadiman

Wine and Pizza Wine Quote

Wine is the Best Medicine

Coffee and Wine

Pinned Image


Love this

Wine is LOVE!


Wine is food, and food is life, and life is about the connections we make


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