Seared Sea Scallops with Butter, Olive oil, Salt and Pepper

My favorite seafood is scallops! I LOVE Scallops! LOVE! They are my chocolate! So when I made these I got us some extra special scallops from Whole Foods for Normy and me. What makes Whole Foods Scallops so special? Well they are the best scallops I have bought and they aren’t cheap! But you get what you pay for and they melted in our mouths!

So we got a pound and a 1/2 of sea scallops – THE BEST kind of scallops EVER!

So Normy rinsed them under cold water and took the beards off of them.

Then he dried them really well with paper towels and placed them on a plate


Then I seasoned them with salt and pepper (real simple recipe)


Then I preheated 2 cast iron skillets and did about 1 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of olive oil and turned the skillet up to high and got them smoking hot as I wanted to sear these scallops.

I did two skillets cause there were so many scallops that I didn’t want to over crowd them and wanted them all cooked at the same time

we cooked each side of the scallop for 3-5 minutes, Peaked a few times to make sure the coloring was perfect

then flipped them and seared them on the other side


Just cooked them until they were more of a white all the way through

I left Normy in charge of the searing while I took the pictures!


This is just the best thing ever to me…


So I want to say they cooked for a total of 10-12 minutes

And they are done


we each got 7 scallops and to me that is better than a dozen roses! HA!


They just melted in your mouth!


and there you have it: scallops al la Jamie and Normy!

The BEST scallops I have ever cooked so far!!


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