Things I like Thursday

Happy 4th day of the week! The day before Friday, in other words HAPPY THURSDAY! So you know what that means boys and girls? Things I like Thursday! YAY!

I know you are SUPER excited!!!

So here you go!

Mushrooms just make a dish EVEN better if you ask me! Like for example this dish Chicken Spinach and Prosciutto Bundles

I love me some Quinoa and mushrooms! thinking I want to make this next week! Roasted Mushroom Quinoa Risotto


This salad looks AMAZING to me! Dash and Bella’s salad dressing recipe


DAMN these crab cakes look fabulous! Maryland Crab Cakes

just-broiled crab cakes


This chicken looks so good! and the name says it all: Holy Yum Chicken

Pinned Image


Oh wow these look and sound amazing! Baby Banana Cakes (Mini-Bundts) with Vanilla Caramel Glaze

banana cakes


Damn this looks Damn GOOD to me!  Honey Chipotle Lime Yogurt Hollandaise with Smoked Salmon Benedicts and Roasted Garlic Cheese Crostini



This looks different and yummy! Classic El Taco Penne Pasta

Pinned Image


Who doesn’t like cupcakes? I LOVE THEM! I don’t really like to eat them though! I like to bake them, and take pictures of them! Salted Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Salted Dark Chocolate Cupcakes |


monkey bread muffins 1 Monkey Bread Muffins with 5 Minute Chocolate Sauce
YUM! This looks so goood! New England Lobster Salad Roll
HOLY GOODNESS! I want to make and eat these like RIGHT NOW!! Chocolate Cheesecake Chimichangas with a
Strawberry Reduction Sauce

DUDE! I want to make this!!! LOOKS SO AMAZING TO ME!! Chiles Rellenos con Picadillo (Poblano Chiles Stuffed with Spiced Beef)
Chiles Rellenos con Picadillo (Poblano Chiles Stuffed with Spiced Beef)
Oh and another from the same blog! Because I LOVE this blog! Hot & Spicy Italian Drip Beef
Hot & Spicy Italian Style Drip Beef Sandwich
Damn this looks so good and sounds amazing to me! Seared Salmon with Mushrooms and Asparagus over Coconut Noodles
Yummy I would eat these! What about you? SWEET CHILLI AND ORANGE CHICKEN WINGS
Sweet Chilli and Orange Chicken Wings
I need a popover pan! So I can make these babies! Popovers
Popovers Recipe
This Beverage looks good and pretty! Key Lime Raspberry Margarita
hahahahaha LOVE THIS! And here you are…
And here you are…
HA! Here you go! Yes I cuss a lot! See it’s a good thing! Daily Fact
YUM! I want to make these, like THIS weekend! Chinese Fried Dumplings
I was just telling Normy I wanted to make Lasagna this weekend! maybe these:  Muffin Tin Mini Lasagnas
Muffin Tin Mini Lasagna

yakitori to post


I want to make these! Cauliflower Twice Baked Potatoes

Cheesy Cauliflower Baked Potatoes!

My aunt gave me some chicken breasts and I think I want to make this recipe with them! Lemon Chicken Romano
lemon chicken romano4
Sweet and Savory Grilled Cheese Sandwiches | minimalistbaker
And that’s allllll folks! have a good day, a good friday and a good weekend!

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