Baked Cajun Fries

I was craving french fries, and well I was trying to ignore the craving, but sometimes you just can’t! So I decided instead of going and buying nasty fries from a fast food joint and then feeling sick after, or frying some at home and then having the apt smell like fried food, I decided on baked fries! It cured my craving!

First things first preheat your oven to 450 degrees and grab a cookie sheet

Then grad 4 Idaho or russet potatoes medium in size to large.


Then peel and wash the potatoes

then slices them into long strips, ya know into fries or strips that look like fries. Place the fries into a medium-sized bowl

then run cold water over the potatoes

Fill the bowl up and then drain it, and fill the bowl up and drain it. What you are basically doing is rinsing the heck out of the potatoes. Do this until the water is clear.

this helps the potatoes from turning gluey or turning a grey like color, and helps them bake crispy!

then once you rinse them in the coldest the water will get, your hands will be freeeezeing, so drain the potatoes one last time and place them on some paper towels to drain even more.

Then turn the water on warm and warm your freezing hands back up HA!

then dab the tops of the fries with more paper towels and then place the fries back in the dried out bowl you used earlier, then drizzle some olive oil over the fries, I just eyeballed the amount, maybe a couple of tablespoons

with your hands flip and mix the fries around in the bowl so that all the fires are coated with the oil evenly

Then grab the best seasoning ever, Creole/Cajun seasoning

and sprinkle desired amount over fries

I was very generous, as I LOVE Cajun seasoning.

Then mix that up with your hands again
and then add a little more seasoning to the fries

then spread the fries out on a cookie sheet pan, I recommend spraying the pan with non stick spray as I did not do this, was thinking the fries wouldn’t stick because they had oil on them, but they still stuck to the pan.



then once you get the fries on the pan spread them out in a single layer as best you can and sprinkle more Cajun seasoning over them

At this point I also added a little garlic salt, to taste as well.

bake at 450 for 15 minutes, then flip the fries, then another 15 and flip, do this until they get nice and brown and to the coloring you would like

Some of the ends on mine got a little too done


I served my fries with ketchup and guess what? Sprinkled even more Cajun seasoning over the top of them!


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