How to make the perfect baked potato

when I do baked potatoes, I just use a Russet potato. I start by washing the potato and then rub olive oil on the outside and sprinkle garlic salt on the skin as well, and then wrap the potato in foil. Bake for about an hour (depending on the size of the potato) When I eat a baked potato I eat the skin as well as the potato. I know some peeps don’t really care for the skin, (I used to not). But now I love it!

So now toppings for baked potato are next. Gotta add bacon!


Grab 2 strips of bacon (or more)

Chop the bacon up into bacon bits

Throw the chopped bacon in a skillet heated to medium high heat and cook until nice and crispy, stirring occasionally so it doesn’t burn

while the bacon is cooking away, grab some extra sharp cheddar cheese and grate desired amount (a lot)

once your bacon is cooked and nice and crisp, drain it on some paper towels

Once potato is done baking cut it in half, but not all the way in half, just enough to open the potato. Then add 1 tbsp of butter (or more) Season the inside of the potato with salt & pepper then add the cheese and top with bacon

I also add sour cream (LOTS) I took a picture of a normal amount that normal people would add. Then when it’s time to eat the potato I add even more!. It’s crazy how much sour cream I love on my potato…

(you could also add chives or green onions)

So there you have it, The perfect way to have a baked potato. Well the perfect way **I**like to have a baked potato…


2 thoughts on “How to make the perfect baked potato

  1. Down here, the best baked potatoes have a pound of chopped BBQ brisket. Add a ton of sour cream, an ice cream scoop of butter, some sliced onions, and fresh or picked jalapenos. It’s my favorite way to have brisket.

    Your baked potato would be perfect with a steak.

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